June 9th, 2012

View from study (sunny)

Where is my proper June weather?

June is supposed to be one of the most beautiful months in the UK. What happened!!?? Floods in Mid-Wales and a constant steady downpour further north where we are. And this is despite the BBC weather forecast saying we should be having a dry day with cloudy skies. I have been waiting all morning for the rain to stop so I could nip out to the shops, but I'm just going to have to get wet. :(

Meanwhile the back garden is thriving on all this and the grass is nearly waist high! And according to the longer term forecast, there's absolutely no chance of getting it cut for most of next week.

I am so glad I got the old shed demolished and burned on a bonfire when I did. I had a sense of it being a race against the weather, but little did I know that if I'd missed that chance, it would be weeks before it was dry enough again.

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