July 17th, 2012

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Day 5 -- The KTX train to Busan and the conference begins

Though we successfully used the metro yesterday, after a light breakfast of pancakes with various toppings and a bowl of fruit, we took the easy way out and simply got a taxi from the JW Marriott hotel to Busan Station. We arrived in plenty of time and, after hanging about for a while, the train arrived and we found our seats. The seats seemed very spacious and I think G had actually paid a bit extra for first class, but the journey was smooth and we watched the scenery pass by for 2 hours and 40 minutes until we arrived in Busan. I attempted to capture the low cloud and general misty greyness of the landscape, but I don't know how well the pictures will turn out until I can look at them on a big screen. (Pretty poor, is my guess! But to be honest, the camera that I forgot to bring wouldn't really have done any better, so you aren't missing anything.) Collapse )

And so ends another day with G quietly snoring in bed and me quickly typing this reminder of what I did on my holiday -- which turned out to be slightly less of a holiday than I had intended, seeing as i have been drafted in as an active participant in the conference rather as just a member of the audience.

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Day 6 -- First day of the conference

We woke early so that we could be out of the hotel by 7.50 am in order to walk to the station and buy a snack before getting a taxi to the KAIST where the conference is being held. Because of the distance from the hotel to the KAIST, we didn't want to have a proper breakfast in the hotel because that would have taken too long. I suppse we could have found a hotel much nearer the conference and had a little longer in bed each morning with time for breakfast, but I'd rather be staying 10 minutes welk from the station and commute for the conference (where it's not a disaster if we're a few minutes late due to the hectic rush hour traffic) than stay near the conference and be panicking about missing the train when we leave on Thursday.

Anyway, the talks were interesting and the food is plentiful and varied. The session I was co-ordinating went well, though the audience was tiny because we were up against the big name speaker in the main auditorium. However, both speakers were interesting, I managed to introduce them without mangling their names and I remembered to encourag people to ask questions before wrapping up the session.

Then one of the very polite and helpful students who are acting as helpers to the conference phoned for a taxi for us and we're now back at the hotel. It's only 7.30 pm, but G (who said it feels like the middle of the night) has gone to bed. I will read for a bit before turning in too because I've mostly adjusted to Korean time.

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