August 2nd, 2012

computer typing

In which I moan about consumer durables

The list of items that need replacing is growing. I need a new desktop computer because it's 6 years old and though it has stopped crashing randomly, I no longer trust it for serious work. It's also running slower and slower due to the usual software bloat. The fridge dribbles water and is noisy and has needed replacing for some time, and then while I was contemplating how best to spread the expense of replacing these items, the tumble-dryer died in the wettest summer on record. Again it's absolutely ancient and we can perfectly well afford replacements, but G gets twitchy when I spend too much money in a short period.

What is more, it's not like I can just click my fingers and have a new item in place in moments. I do buy a lot of stuff over the Internet, but for this kind of thing I like to see it in the flesh (so to speak) before buying. Not so easy when it's 1.5 hours drive to the nearest place where you can buy big consumer durables. And then there's the problem of overcoming choice paralysis to decide which of N virtually identical items I will actually buy, then waiting in for delivery etc etc.

I suspect the best course of action is to just struggle on for a few more weeks until G is back at work in the college and we'll have a routine that I can work around.

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