September 17th, 2012


Moment of enchantment -- Day 17

Apologies for the absence of the Moment of Enchantment for the past few days, but I had a sad over the weekend. I have no idea why, perhaps the shortening day length or the return of gloomy weather, but thankfully I felt much more cheerful today and got lots of useful things done. That always makes me feel better, so I'm hoping I have now entered a virtuous circle rather than the vicious circle of feeling gloomy, not doing much, thus making me feel even more gloomy.

Anyway, here is today's moment of enchantment: evening sunlight at Borth y Gest, snapped with my phone as we unloaded the computer and projector from the car. I was accompanying my husband as he went to give a talk about geology to the U3A.

Evening at Borth y Gest

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