November 9th, 2012

Clean all the things!

The choice illusion

I have just spent several hours comparing prices, energy efficiency and features of numerous condenser tumble dryers. Having chosen some likely models, I went to check the size of the space currently inhabited by our old, very dead, vented tumble dryer.

It is too small!

I then spent more fruitless minutes searching for compact condenser tumble dryers, only to discover that the only one I could find (produced by Zanussi) was indeed compact, but in the wrong direction. It's just as wide as the others, only it is shallower.

Shallower doesn't help. :(


After more searching, I did discover some suitably sized vented models, so it boils down to a choice, either a straight replacement for the system we have used for the past 26 years -- yes, the recently deceased dryer had lasted that long! -- or we have to put a condenser tumble dryer in the conservatory. I'll put this option to G, but I don't think it will be very satisfactory, which means that, despite the illusion of having masses of consumer choice, yet again, I'm buying an appliance based on it's width and I have a choice of two machines.

*Sigh* If only there had been some way to know that right from the start, it would have saved me the best part of a morning.

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