November 30th, 2012


Yesterday was cold

This is what greeted me when I came down to breakfast yesterday. Frost on the window. Outside, thankfully. I have lived in houses where frost like this formed inside!

Window frost

As I was after macro shots for one of the Flickr groups, I changed lenses and went on the prowl around out back garden.

Collapse )

Because G had to set off early this morning to go to the college campus up on the N Wales coast, I put the cover over the windscreen of the Daihatsu. I also rugged up my car, making sure it was cosy under the nylon cover and with "mittens" on its wing mirrors.

Of course taking these precautions ensured that it wasn't as cold last night and there was only a trace of frost this morning, but it would have saved a lot of windscreen scraping if the cloud hadn't crept in and kept things a bit warmer.

It still wasn't exactly warm. According to my car's thermometer it was about 2.5 dec C when I went up to walk Brith, but it was brightening, so perfect weather for a winter walk.

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