December 8th, 2012

View from study (sunny)

I've just printed the labels for the Christmas cards

We've decided at Quaker meeting that, by mutual agreement, we won't automatically exchange cards. That suits me very well because sending cards is one of the tasks that makes Christmas a difficult time for me.

In recent years, I force myself to be ruthless and simply send cards to the people in my database. But there's still the indecision as I look through the names and wonder whether I should send a card to so-and-so or whether to leave them out this year. At least my worry that I'll send a card to someone who has died no longer applies. I know my own family and the last of G's relatives passed away, but as I never really knew who any of them were, I was always stressed about getting something wrong. People get so upset about such things because they seem to think that you did it because you didn't care, whereas in fact you were just disorganised and forgetful. :(

As it is, I'm sure there will be someone I omit to send a card to who will send one to me; and I may send a card to someone who doesn't reciprocate. But I will just have to keep chanting, "It really doesn't matter," in an attempt to avoid becoming paralysed by indecision. It really isn't a good time of year to have to stressful and complicated things. It's dark and I feel as though I'm functioning on half a brain.

At least I am more organised this year. I have bought the presents and wrapped them and I'll get the cards off early this week. There have been years when I've sat down on Boxing Day to write cards and some years I never got around to sending them at all. No one particularly seemed to notice. I suppose that if they did, they assumed it had got lost in the post. :)

I am definitely not going to follow my Dad's example though. When I saw him last Tuesday, my Dad announced that he was going to wait to see who sent him cards and then reply accordingly. It's just as well everyone doesn't do that or, as it explains here in Newsbiscuit, it would lead to a stand-off!

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