May 29th, 2013

View from study (sunny)

Behind my Dad's house

Behind my Dad's house by Helen in Wales
Behind my Dad's house, a photo by Helen in Wales on Flickr.


I visited my Dad today. He'll be 92 in about 10 days time. This is the little stream behind his house. I can't remember walking round here before, but I was trying to get a signal on my mobile phone. Didn't find a signal, but I did discover this hawthorn covered in May blossom and the banks of spring flowers.

In other news, apologies for being rather quiet at the moment. I have course deadlines as both the TEFL course and the OU course have to be finished by 1 June. Yes, I know I shouldn't have left everything to the last minute and I had wonderful plans of getting things finished in plenty of time, but somehow there was slippage and I'm on the last minute. As usual.

However, these are the last essays I should ever have to write. I seem to remember saying that before when I finished my previous degree, but this time I mean it. If any of you should notice me saying things like, "Oh, that course looks interesting!", will you please lead me away from temptation and make me lie down in a darkened room until the urge passes? Thanks in advance. :)