June 4th, 2013

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In addition to your LJ, do you keep a journal?

An LJ friend just asked, "In addition to your LJ, do you keep a journal? And if so, what software program do you use?" Well, the answer is that I do -- and they're all on paper. :)

I have an old fashioned diary that fits in my handbag and I write all my appointments and definite commitments in there, eg Welsh group, online Skype session, dog walking, visits to Dad. Then I tick things off when they've been done or add a note saying why I didn't do whatever it was.

The more personal stuff is a list of Things Done in a little spiral bound notebook. This helps with the depression because having a huge To Do list makes me feel overwhelmed and it helps to be able to look back and see that I am actually doing things. I list very mundane stuff, down to the level of "emptied kitchen bin", "put the recycling out", "did a load of washing". It is, literally, a list of things done each day.

Finally there is my Journal for Venting. That's a blank hardback notebook where, if I feel the need, I pour out any anger or sadness in an often pretty incoherent stream. I haven't actually felt the need to do that for quite a while, but it's there if I need it.

And of course I have this LJ, which is where I put things that I hope may interest my friends as well as making an online diary for me to look back at. I also use LjArchive to make an offline backup on my own computer.
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Where did the steps lead?

Well, the first thing you notice on ascending the steps is a ship heading towards you across a foam of white summer flowers.

Duke of Lancaster

I have posted about this ship before, but that was a dismal grey day and it looked much better yesterday with a gorgeous blue sky behind it and the sun shining.

On closer inspection you can see it has been covered in artistic graffiti.

Three wise monkeys

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A final look at the Duke of Lancaster as I head back to buy a cup of tea and a cream scone in the Abakhan cafe.

Ship's bow
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Stop for a moment...

...and imagine stepping through the gate and sitting on the grass to have a picnic.

I snapped this gateway this morning out walking with Brith. It's the place where we sit for a moment and have a drink of water before turning round and heading for home.

Open gate

Unfortunately, the gate leads into a private field, so picnicking wouldn't be a possibility. Also, as the field is normally full of sheep, the grass is probably littered with sheep poo! :)

I've never photographed this gateway before and it's amazing how just opening a gate can really make a picture.