February 10th, 2014

African flower crochet motif

A very subtle change in the weather

It's now gone a bit colder, so the latest precipitation fell as hail/snow/cold slushy stuff. :(

I do, however, feel perkier than I have since last Thursday. I think the Cold From Hell had been trying to make a comeback. I'd had watery sticky eyes for the past few days and the right ear had started feeling a little blocked. However, for no apparent reason I woke up this morning feeling much more energetic and the eye and ear have cleared up. Also I slept well. I don't think I had weird stress dreams; if I did, I didn't remember them on waking. It seems that doing not very much over the weekend has allowed me to fight off the dreaded lurgy once again.

I need more exercise though. It really has been dreary here and the rain and wind has been relentless. I know I shouldn't complain because a lot of people in the South West are losing their homes and their livelihoods due to flooding while we haven't had enough rain to cause real problems. But then again, just because someone is suffering more doesn't remove lesser suffering, and depression due to SAD takes all the joy out of life. Exercise helps lift my mood, but the prospect of being soaked to the skin after 10 minutes negates the positive effect.

Anyway, enough moaning. Onwards and upwards! I have finished unravelling a sweater that I started knitting a few years ago and then got stuck. The Ravellenic Games on Ravelry finally gave me the push I needed to bite the bullet and undo it so I could use the yarn for another project. I have done a pile of ironing, washed a sweater and a couple of towels and this afternoon I will plan my lessons for tomorrow and make more African flower motifs.
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African flower crochet motif

Nearly, but not quite, finished the pentagons

I was about to proudly announce that I had finished making all the African flower pentagons for the Fatty Lumpkin pony, and then I moved a couple of balls of yarn and found two more lurking underneath, incomplete.

Anyway, that means I just have to complete the final two rounds on the last two pentagons before making, 2 heptagons, 3 squares and 1 triangle.

Then I can start the joining process. Eeek! :)
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