March 5th, 2014

Muddle on

I am still here, honest

If I seem to have been more than usually quiet, it's just the result of a weekend away in London followed by coming straight back to a busier than normal teaching week.

Also, though I normally have mobile internet access when I'm away from home, I was unaware that Vodafone had recently changed the way they charge for mobile broadband, so the dongle didn't work. :( I was therefore reduced to the free 30 minutes of WiFi offered by the hotel which, due to reasons too complicated and boring to explain, could only be accessed with the iPod.

I really need to re-examine my mobile computing solutions now I'm no longer teaching online, especially as the Asus Eee is showing its age. I'll be eligible to upgrade my mobile phone in a couple of weeks and the answer is probably just to get a proper smartphone which will replace both the dongle and the little point-and-shoot camera, which is now about 9 years old. Anyway, I have a plenty of time to solve these problems before I go away again for longer than a day out.

Otherwise, I thought I'd mention that I've decided to go to Worldcon in August. I'm planning to do what I did for the London Eastercon, namely stay somewhere cheap away from the convention site and just commute in each day. I used to like staying up late talking in the bar, but I get peopled out very quickly these days, not to mention tired! I haven't worked out all the details yet, but in principle, I'll be going so I hope to see a lot of my old friends there.
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