July 3rd, 2014

dysgu Cymraeg

I aten't dead

Apologies for silence. I'm trying to keep up with reading and commenting here on LJ. That's assuming I have anything sensible to say, which isn't always the case. I do try and read most of my friends' list most days, so lack of comment from me doesn't mean lack of interest. But current lack of internet time is because I'm attending a Welsh Summer School to try and kickstart my language learning again.

Last year I was so busy updating all my HTML and CSS knowledge that Welsh fell by the wayside. Despite trying to fit in a bit of intermittent practice with flashcards, I could feel it slipping away (or getting rustier and rustier, whichever analogy you prefer). So... I booked a place on the Welsh summer school at the college where I teach. This suddenly boosted my motivation.

Speaking, listening, reading and writing were all supposed count for my self-study, but the Welsh tended to get missed. If I did it first thing, it was fine, but that's one of the few times I have to read fiction for pleasure, so I kept leaving the Welsh until "later" -- which of course never came. Anyway, as I said, the prospect of having to speak in a class focused my mind I went into frantic revision mode.

This made me realise something useful. Just telling myself to "Do some Welsh every day" was too vague. What has worked this time is setting up specific To Dos with checklists (eg revise Book 1 Story 1, Book 1 Story 2 etc). So... for the future I know that I need to plan definite activities in advance, set up To Dos for them and tick them off when done.

I do sometimes wonder why I'm bothering to struggle on with the Welsh, though the recent research regarding language helping to delay the onset of dementia is one of the reasons I'm persevering at my age. I'll be retiring in a year or so, so Welsh isn't going to help my career. I would like to socialise more with Welsh speaking people, so that's another motivation, but if I'm honest, I just want to be able to speak another language fluently. It was always one of my childhood ambitions. I thought people who spoke more than one language were really cool. :)
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Clean all the things!

Random thought

Note to self: Next time you go away on holiday and put shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, moisturiser etc into small travel bottles, for heaven's sake PUT A LABEL ON THEM!!! Today's small decluttering job was to tidy the cupboard under the washbasin in the bathroom. There were all these little bottles of stuff, but as I had no idea what each kind of pleasant smelling goop was, I've just put the whole lot to soak and I'll wash out all the little bottles properly tomorrow.
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