August 9th, 2014

Dalek SF

Worldcon is getting closer!

I apologise for not posting much here. I haven't even been commenting much either. Sorry.

One of the reasons is that I've been plodding through the proofreading and testing of the programming book my husband has written to use with his students next term. It's a long slow job, but I've done another 10 pages today. I would have done more but a stray line had somehow infiltrated the code so it didn't work and I wasn't a good enough programmer to spot the mistake so had to wait for him to come back from his walk to sort it out.

I've also started to look ahead to my trip to London for the SF Worldcon, which is next weekend!! I've been going through the programme looking for panels and discussions to attend. It looks like there will be plenty to interest me. And, of course, I'll be meeting lots of friends I normally only interact with online, including lots of friends from America. It should be fun.
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