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September 5th, 2014 - Helen's journal and online home — LiveJournal
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
Continuing Merry's journey with the Rohirrim. Mileage details behind here...Collapse )

Percentage complete: 34%

Point reached on journey: We climb the switchback road ‘Stair of the Hold’ some hundreds of feet up the mountain face. Ancient statues mark each turn of the road: the Púkel-men.

Where I really went...

There was a distinct lack of ancient statues, but there was plenty of climbing up steep hills!

When I first started walking Brith, we used to walk fast for about an hour. Sadly, his health is not good now. He declined quite suddenly a couple of months ago and the vet has diagnosed kidney failure. He is an old dog, at least 12, but until now he has never looked his age or behaved like an old dog. Anyway, Brith has been put on some medication and his diet has been adjusted, which seems to have helped. However, we now walk much more sedately and only go for about 1 mile. This meant that I needed to add in more exercise to replace the miles I was no longer doing with Brith.

Because it was a lovely day and the bike is roadworthy again, I decided to cycle to Brith's house. Well, I say "cycle". I rode into town and over the bridge, but I had to push the bike all the way up the steep hill leading to M & B's house. I then took Brith for his walk, had a cup of tea with M & B and helped them do the crossword before cycling back the long way round to avoid having to ride down the incredibly steep hill.

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