March 8th, 2015

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A clump of jolly little primroses

10/52 for the 2015 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: J is for Jolly

These are the first primroses I've seen this year[*]. Just a small clump tucked away in the graveyard of St Illtud's church. They looked so cheerful fluttering in the strong wind, a promise that spring is finally on it's way, even in a melancholy graveyard.

A clump of jolly little primroses

I had gone out for a walk for two reasons, well, three reasons actually:

1. for the exercise
2. to boost some friendly Ingress portals
3. to take an off-topic photo for the photo-a-week challenge.

I had been having difficulty with the "jolly" theme. Come the summer, a quick trip to the seaside resorts just a few miles away would provide all sorts of jollity to photograph, but a grey, cold, damp mid-March in my little town was not so forthcoming. Our home also lacked suitable subjects that could count as "jolly", which made me realise that it's not an adjective that I would use to describe either myself or G.

So I set off for the Ingress portal at St Illtud's church a couple of miles away. To get there, you cross the footbridge over the river, walk along the old main road that is now a dead end and thus very quiet, then round a short stretch of the bypass to rejoin the old road where it used to cross the river over this old bridge.

Llanelltyd Bridge

As you can see, it really isn't up to carrying the amount of traffic generated by being on the main N-S route through Wales, the dreaded A470 (as described in this jolly song).

So I charged up the rest of the Ingress portal (the church) that had been claimed by a fellow Resistance member, then spotted the lovely little clump of primroses. There was no way I was lying flat on my stomach in a cold damp graveyard! That would be too creepy, so it took several shots to get a reasonable composition using the "Put the camera on the ground, point in what you hope is the right direction, allow autofocus to do its best" method.

After processing and posting them, I had a look at what the other group members were claiming as "jolly" and decided the primroses were at least as jolly as the bunch of crocus someone else had posted, so instead of an off-topic shot, I'm claiming this fits the bill.

And now I just want the rain that was supposed to have moved away towards the SE by now to get its act together and do what the forecast said it would do.

[*] Most likely I've just not been in the right place to see them. I'm sure there must have been earlier ones.
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Ready for battle

On being more organised

I'm currently experimenting with planning menus 1 week ahead. I've never done it before and always relied on wandering around the supermarket thinking, "Hmmm.... What shall we have for dinner?" Basically I have set up a spreadsheet with a column to record what I actually cook for dinner (to avoid repeating meals too quickly) and up at the top, I have my menu ideas for the week. I rarely do anything fancy, it's all pretty basic meals, but so far, doing the planning at the weekend when I'm not tired means I don't have to think about what to eat mid-week. I can follow the list instead of just grabbing whatever catches my eye.

For some years I have used a pre-prepared shopping list which really helps me be more efficient with shopping. I have a Word document saved which has a list of everything that I buy regularly. I stick it up inside one of the kitchen cupboards and whenever I notice that I need something, I just put a tick beside the relevant item. When I'm ready to do a big shop, I just grab the list and go. Much easier than sitting down just before I go to the supermarket and trying to remember everything that I'm about to run out of.
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