March 26th, 2015

afternoon tea

Surely spring ought to have sprung by now?

Where, oh where, has spring gone?

We keep being tantalised by a single warm sunny day, then it's back to the biting wind and icy rain.

I have a weird cold which started last week with the normal scratchy throat and tight chest, then almost immediately got better. I felt almost back to normal on Monday. But then yesterday came a relapse and I was barely warm enough watching TV swathed in a crochet poncho and thick blanket in a heated room. I put an extra blanket on the bed too. Basically I don't think this cold wind is helping it at all.

The weather also wasn't very helpful regarding getting everything ready for going away at the weekend, but everything is now washed and dried, though not yet ironed.

First we'll have a couple of days in Swansea, then we return on Wednesday and I set off again to go to Eastercon in London. This sounded like a demanding but doable plane when I made it some weeks ago. Now dragged down with a cold, I am not so sure, but I'll muddle through somehow.
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