June 10th, 2015

View from study (sunny)

Walking to Mordor -- Isengard to Minas Tirith

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Percentage complete: 96%

Point reached on journey:Still riding with the Rohirrim, we have reached the east edge of the Grey Wood. Beyond lies the Great West Road leading toward the city. We must ride quickly!

Where I really went...

I haven't done this 4.5 mile walk for a long time but I needed a photo for this week's prompt for the photographic alphabet challenge. The theme was Xenophobia and it took me quite a long time to think of anything at all for the subject. Photographing abstract nouns is never easy at the best of times, but in a place like the little town where I live, there are no immigrants (other than the English) and there's not even any local anti-English graffiti because no one wants to upset the tourists who provide a large proportion of the area's income.

And then I had a brilliant idea. I remembered this sign. The Snowdonia National Park wage a constant war against the invasive and foreign rhododendrons, but would the sign still be there? Collapse )

Not yet at the rhododendron control area, but here is Cadair Idris looking particularly splendid in the sunshine and, unusually, no cloud, not even on the summit.

Cadair Idris

The rhododendron sign was long gone, but one of the little blighters had survived the massacre and was cheekily blooming out in the boggy area. This was perfect for the theme! Fortunately it hasn't been too wet recently so I got to it without sinking into the bog.

Rhododendron, the foreign invader!

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