June 16th, 2015

lawn mower

Boring but essential jobs done

I did not want to go shopping for food yesterday evening, but in the end I did and so the fridge and cupboards have been restocked and we won't starve.

This morning I've finished crocheting the small basket that will sit on the window ledge and hold the bits and pieces that accumulate there because I need them to hand. Also this morning I have done two short (20 minute) sessions of grass strimming in the back garden. I can now walk down to the washing line without wading through thigh deep grass and the washing can blow in the breeze without trailing in the aforementioned herbage.
Clean all the things!

On being more organised

I have slowly come to realise that the more specific my HabitRPG Dailies are, the more likely I am to keep to them. I've always fancied myself as a free spirit who works best when I get the urge to do something, but I have found that since fixing two days to do laundry and two follow-up days to dry stuff, it's made life much easier. Before I used to think, "What shall I do today? Shall I do some laundry? Nah... this other thing is more important and anyway it might rain," but now there's no thinking, no making decisions. Monday and Thursday are laundry days and Tuesday and Friday are for drying. I'm now experimenting with making fixed days for vacuuming. I'll report in due course if it helps.
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