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June 22nd, 2015 - Helen's journal and online home — LiveJournal
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
This morning I drove to the recycling centre to drop off two of the old tables I'm clearing from the garage. They will be recycled by a local charity. I also got rid of two bags of old clothes and bed sheets which for some reason, when we cleared Dad's bungalow 18 months ago, I thought I could make use of. In addition, as it's just next door, I went to use the library's wifi to download all the updates for my phone (Ingress works again now!) and I popped into the nearby supermarket (which is not the one I usually use) to pick up milk and a few items for dinner.

By some miracle, I had already found a parking space as I came through the town centre en route to the recycling centre, which meant I had been able to swiftly pay in a cheque at the bank and post the pension claim form I had to re do because the rules changed and I sent the first form just too late.

As well as all that (which took up most of the morning) there was also a load of laundry that got done, along with the usual small daily tasks like sweeping the kitchen floor and cooking meals, and I also sorted through a pile of papers from last year's teaching and filed what I might use next year and threw the rest into the recycling bin. So any reasonable person would probably think that that was a productive day. So why did I have to stop myself from feeling bad because I didn't do any gardening or exercise? Sigh...

Current Mood: busy trying not to be so perfectionist

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