September 12th, 2015

Ready for battle

It feels like Sunday, but it's only Saturday

Now that I don't teach on Thursdays, it means that Saturday feels like Sunday because I've already had two days off work. (I've not worked on Fridays for a couple of years now.) I'm sure I'll adjust, but I keep having those, "Oh, no, I'm teaching tomorrow and haven't finished preparing everything," moments.

Anyway, today has not been as productive as I would have liked with regard to my Habitica Dailies because G has decided to have a monster clear out of his study and I'm having to alternate between helping with sorting and disposing of stuff and keeping out of the way. We have already taken about 8 big boxes of paper to the recycling and now there are another 3 waiting, and that's not counting the several sacks of shredded paper he's produced.

However, I did get rid of a very very red (ie overdue) To-Do by managing to buy G a new tweed jacket for work. He has a horror of shopping and a jacket isn't something we can just buy in our tiny town, so it would mean travelling to a Big Place and trailing from shop to shop. And then I finally had the bright idea of googling the name on the label in his current jacket and discovered that the company sell direct on the internet. As it's the same brand, I could just order the same size he had before. Problem solved!
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