December 17th, 2015

Raindrops on window

Winter gloom

Only a few more days until the winter solstice and then the days will start lengthening again. Not that it will make much difference for a while. It really couldn't be gloomier here if it tried. Constant cloud cover and incessant rain. The only consolation is that we must be saving on heating bills, due to it being the warmest winter on record.
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Christmas bauble

Actually not a bad day in the end

Despite feeling not terribly organised, I did end up doing most of the household tasks I have listed as my Habitica dailies and, more importantly, I finished off the crochet Christmas stockings that I've made for the grandkids, added the chocolates (chocolate "gold" coins and a Kinder Santa), wrapped them up and took them to the post office. With luck, they should arrive before Christmas.

Tomorrow I do the Christmas cards...
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