June 23rd, 2016

View from study (sunny)

Sunshine always makes me feel more cheerful

It's a bright and sunny morning here and I've already put a load of laundry on so I can hang it out to dry in the sun. I'm also continuing the experiment with my new task management setup. I now have an extra step of using Trello in between my AbstractSpoon To-Do list (which I use to capture everything I think I ought to be doing/should do at some point) and Habitica. Though there is now one more stage to the task listing, it means that I don't see ALL MY TO-DOS ALL THE TIME!!! which was making me feel overwhelmed and thus inclined to procrastinate. Next step is some proofreading of the numeracy book G is writing this summer before going out to vote Remain in the [expletive deleted] referendum.
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