November 7th, 2016

White poppy

White poppies for peace

I finally got the timing right to take a pack of white poppies to sell at the Quaker meeting yesterday. Because we only meet twice a month, I usually forget until Remembrance Sunday has come and gone and it's too late. I'm now about to make a donation to the Peace Pledge Union with the proceeds, plus adding a contribution of my own.

Despite what I wrote two years ago about the Royal British Legion poppy appeal, I actually did buy a red poppy this year, mostly out of habit to be honest, but I am getting increasingly irritated by the insistence that all TV presenters must wear a poppy, even when reporting from the US on the US election. Poppies are not a thing over there, so the pristine ones that the reporters were wearing must have been specially posted out to them. Also there was the huge fuss over Fifa banning the wearing of poppy armbands. Honestly, they're footballers playing a game. I'm sure they can manage to not wear a poppy for 90 minutes. And despite what the pro-poppy lobby say, they are increasingly becoming a political symbol.

Suddenly it feels like winter

It's cold outside now! I have just been to deliver a get well card to a friend and then, via a roundabout way through some woods (wooo! spooky in the twilight!) to the post office where I posted two letters.

Well, one was just returning a form about changing our gas payments to a cheaper deal but the other was an actual letter. I rarely write letters these days. So rarely, in fact, that I've only just used up the stamps I had left over from sending last Christmas's cards.

The letter was to my MP to express my views about the current lack of democracy and the attempt by the right-wing tabloids to run the country by mob rule. As an unrepentant remoaner (as the Brexiteers call those of us who voted remain and who won't simply roll over and give up without a fight), I might, reluctantly, agree that the Leave vote won. But the margin was so small and there had been so many lies told, that I don't agree that it gives Theresa May carte blanche to do what she likes without allowing Parliament a say in the matter.

I wouldn't mind, but leaving the EU won't actually solve the problems that caused people to vote Leave as a protest against what they see is wrong with their lives and being outside the EU could make their lives a whole lot worse if the economy nose-dives.