February 10th, 2017


Fingers crossed that it won't snow!

Regarding my new challenge to aim to do at least three Productive Things each day, I'd done two by lunchtime. En route to see my elderly friends, I popped in to talk to the insurance broker about changing our house insurance to a cheaper company. I also took and processed a photo for this week's alphabet challenge. Next to do is sort out stuff for the day out in Abergavenny to see our daughter and granddaughter and to attend stephanieburgis's book launch.

[Some time later...]

I am feeling really tired now, but another two Productive Things got done. Slight change of plan for tomorrow because G unexpectedly decided to book us into a posh hotel for tomorrow night. That's good because it means less driving tomorrow as I only have to drive to Abergavenny and we can drive home on Sunday. Also hotel breakfast! It has, however, rather messed up my meal plans, but with a bit of juggling, no food will be wasted.
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