April 5th, 2017

View from study (sunny)

No plans to move virtual home

I will be sorry to lose those of you who feel that you can't accept the new LJ TOS because they're in Russian or because you perceive something untoward in them, however, I don't like Dreamwidth and have no intention of moving there. I'll stick it out here until LJ folds or there are no English speaking people left that I want to read.

The people who I occasionally see face-to-face at conventions etc have all been added to my Facebook friends (not that I like Facebook much), so I won't lose touch with you if you go. There is just one person who I would miss and who I don't see on Facebook, so I will look in on DW occasionally, but just to read and comment, not to post. At the moment, I haven't found a suitable replacement for LJ. As I said, there's something about DW, which just sets my teeth on edge. Largely irrational, I know, but there it is. Perhaps I'll do more with my Tumblr account or get more involved with Blogger and G+ again, but for the moment I'm just going to carry on carrying on.
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