August 22nd, 2017



Did my Welsh practice in the morning so that I could go blackberrying in the afternoon. I drove up to the car park for the popular local walk and then walked on up the lane. I got nearly 3lbs of blackberries, so that’s enough for jam and a pie & crumble.

There were lots of berries still to ripen, so it would be good to go back on Friday or Saturday and get another couple of pounds to make blackberry & apple jelly, which G prefers.

Possibly someone knocked at the door, but I didn’t hear because I was microwaving all the blackberries to ensure they’d keep ok until tomorrow afternoon when I'll have time for a jam making session. Anyway, G suddenly noticed something hanging on the front door, which turned out to be a bag of runner beans. Presumably from the next door neighbours?

I cooked the beans and I had them with the roasted pork chop, apple sauce and potato wedges. They were very nice, though G doesn’t eat beans, so I’ll make the rest into a soup. He will eat them whizzed up with other veg as a soup. :)