September 26th, 2018

EU stars

We went on a protest

I really have to stop obsessing about Brexit. I'm wasting too much time reading political anti-Brexit pages and posts on Facebook and reading discussions on Twitter. Brexit is like watching a slow motion train crash, one which is likely to seriously damage the country's future, so it's hard to look away. I do have a feeling that things are coming to a head. There's probably nothing one insignificant player like myself can do now, we'll just have to wait and see how things play out, but we did go to the march and protest outside the Labour Party conference in Liverpool.

There were three big demos planned for the autumn, Labour and Tory Party conferences in Liverpool and Birmingham respectively, and the really big march planned for 20th October in London. We've already done one big London demo this year and because we live in the back of beyond, it costs in hotel bills and train fares to attend. In the end, we decided that two extra bodies in Liverpool was our best contribution, especially as the Labour Party could be the way of stopping the insanity.

So we went and stayed the night in Chester on the Saturday. We had a nice walk around the city walls before eating dinner in the hotel. Next morning, we caught the train to Liverpool and joined in the protest. Some pictures...

A People's Vote, For the many

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Welsh and EU flags
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Miles away

37/52 for the group 2018 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: M is for Miles Away

A quick shot from our walk yesterday. I'm not likely to get anything better this week, so this shot of a distant mountain peak just about visible above the hills will have to do.

I've missed posting a few. I have been taking at least a couple of photos each week, but haven't been able to stick to the topics. If I can tear myself away from FB and Twitter, I'll sort out the missing weeks tomorrow morning.

Mountain peak miles away

I don't know why events have to bunch themselves together, but after being away last weekend for the protest march, I have a family funeral tomorrow and then we're away for the week in Mid-Wales, doing more exploration and taking of photos for G's geology book.

The funeral is for my cousin, who is only 4 years older than me. She had been ill with cancer for a while, so I had been warned that the end was expected. My cousin never married and we lost touch years ago, apart from the annual Christmas card, so I feel quite detached from her death, though obviously it's sad and brings back memories of when I did see her more often.

It will be a very small gathering, just four cousins and a couple of friends. I'll find out tomorrow what is being done about clearing her bungalow, though I believe the solicitor is handling all that.