December 18th, 2018

Christmas bauble

If I have a cold now, at least I won't have one over Christmas :)

Yesterday evening, after reading Twitter and looking at the comments on a Facebook poll which currently has "No Deal" beating "Remain by 56% to 44%, I was seriously considering just becoming a hermit and going into self-preservation mode.

The problem is that I can't take my eyes off the unfolding disaster that is Brexit. I'm suffering from a kind of hyper-vigilance that makes me desperate to know the latest news. I keep saying, "This is utterly ridiculous. I can't believe that our political system has failed so completely." The ignorance and lies make me want to despair, both from politicians and people who are allowed to vote.

Meanwhile I plodded slowly on with the preparations for Christmas. I have made Christmas puddings, put up the tiny tree (with the new lights I bought a week or so ago when I met my daughter and granddaughter in Aberystwyth), and got as far as printing the address labels for the Christmas cards.

Our small Christmas tree

However, writing this post this morning I now realise why I was feeling a bit sorry for myself yesterday. Everyone around me has been suffering from colds. I'd escaped so far, but obviously I was merely incubating one because last night at bedtime I had a sore throat and my nose started running.

This morning I feel simultaneously worse and better. Worse because I'm now stuffed up with a cold and possibly a little feverish, but mentally I feel more positive and ready to tackle the little tasks like writing the Christmas cards and doing some more decluttering in my study. As the weather is horrible, I don't even need to feel guilty about hiding inside and keeping warm.
computer typing

In need of a new mouse

Why are there so many subtly different types of mouse? (Computer mouse, I mean.) I've had my current mouse for some years and it's done very well, but recently the scroll wheel stopped working properly. It will still scroll up, but not down, which of course is the way you normally scroll. I've obviously just worn the poor thing out, but finding a replacement took longer than I thought because even restricting my search to Logitech, there are far more types of mice than you would have thought possible. On the grounds that I need accuracy in my mouse for photoediting, I've spent a little more on what they call a gaming mouse. I just hope that the light doesn't prove annoying. (I don't really want a mouse with a built in light show, but that's what they have!) I'm hoping that if it's designed to cope with gaming, it will cope with my usage. The cheaper ordinary mice seemed very large, according the specs on Amazon.