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Exercise Log

Time/distance I ran for: 2 miles
Time of day I ran: around noon
Weather during the run: Hot and sunny with clear blue sky and a pleasant breeze.
How I felt: Fine, surprisingly.

This was the first attempt at running what I estimate to be 2 miles. (Route: down the old railway as far as the gate up onto the bypass, retrace steps to the Green Bridge, through underpass and up onto Barmouth Road, into town, down the bridge over the bypass and river and back home via the path beside the Marian playing fields.)

I managed to run the whole distance apart from walking the few metres through the underpass and up the incredibly steep path beside the college.

I did jog at the incredibly slow, barely-faster-than-a-walking-pace jog, but it does show that the gentle training is working and I'm getting fitter.

Other exercise this week:


Sunday: 10 mins
Wednesday: 10 mins


Yesterday (Friday): 15 mins approx. walk at lunch time.

Other exciting things done today:

Spent the accumulated Texaco points on a pair of folding garden chairs and a bale of cream coloured towels.
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