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Helen's journal and online home
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
So what did we do on our holiday today? Today we visited the Nant Yr Arian silver-lead mine where we had arranged to photograph some ore specimens. They had some really nice - - and very heavy! - - lumps of lead ore.

After that we drove a couple of miles to the Castell lead mine (disused).

Castell lead mine -- crushing mill copy

We foraged around on the waste tip and found some interesting specimens, some containing lead ore and others just of geological interest, like this explosion breccia.

Explosion breccia

I think the building on the site is the remains of the crushing mill. The pit which once contained a water wheel to drive the machinery in the building is still there.

Castell lead mine -- crushing mill copy

We then ate our sandwiches - - after carefully washing our hands to remove any lead dust - - before driving home to spend a relaxing afternoon doing not very much at all. The Cliff Railway was running because it's half term. This is the view from the bedroom of the flat.

Cliff railway, Aberystwyth

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