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March 10th, 2019 - Helen's journal and online home — LiveJournal
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
Fully recovered from the exertions of earlier in the week, today we did another walk of about 5 miles. After yesterday's rain the day was fine with occasional sunshine. We were now back to normal mild early spring weather rather than ridiculously warm for the time of year. This time we weren't walking along the coast, but walking to the coast. We could have walked the cliff path leading south from Aberystwyth, but cliff paths are very up and down and can be quite precarious. Though the lower rocks are fairly solid, the topmost strata are very recent and therefore crumbly. Every so often there's a stretch of path that has been moved further inland because the original path has disappeared over the edge!

So, we parked a little way off the main road by a very pretty church and walked down the lane to the caravan park at Morfa Bychan where there was a path down to the beach. We took a bit of a short cut across a field at one point, followed a track to the left instead of heading straight down and ended up having to wiggle our way through a clump of gorse bushes because the path through the gorse that we thought was a sheep track turned out to have been made by badgers. This serves us right for being too lazy to walk back and round the gorse instead of trying to go through it.

There was, as we suspected, nowhere to park but there is a right of way for walkers so we found our way through the caravans to the steps leading down to the beach.

Well, I say "beach". There was no sand and not even pebbles. It was a seashore of boulders that had fallen from the cliffs and wave cut areas of rock. Not at all suitable for a bucket and spade holiday with kids.

Beach -- Morfa Bychan

There was a sign with dire warnings.

Warning sign
Strong winds
Fast moving tides
Beware tides
Do not use inflatables      
Submerged objects
Unstable cliffs
Do not climb up cliffs
Do not climb on rocks

Walking along the rocky shore was slow going, but we got the photos we needed.

Beach -- Morfa Bychan

As you can see from the photos, such a rocky shore is not easy to walk along. It would be theoretically possible to walk along the beach from Aber to Morfa Bychan, but it would be slow going, difficult and potentially dangerous if you misjudge the tide.

We then plodded back to the steps leading up the cliff and ate our sandwiches at a conveniently placed picnic table. Tomorrow it would be time return home, but the mission had been successful and there were lots of photos to add to G's book.
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Here's a photo of where we stayed. The flat occupies the whole of the upper floor and, despite the building dating from the Victorian age, it was completely modern and comfortable with wifi and everything you could need for a week's holiday.

Cliff Railway, Aberystwyth

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10/52 for the group 2019 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: J is for Joker

Not very inspired, I'm afraid. I've never been one for playing cards, other than patience (solitaire), but I dug out an old pack that I bought ages ago from a charity shop to take this shot for the theme.

Joker in the pack
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