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May 13th, 2019 - Helen's journal and online home — LiveJournal
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
I'm a member of the local Quaker meeting. There are very few of us these days due to members literally dying off or becoming too frail to attend regularly. We also have a couple of members with chronic health problems whilst a couple of others have busy lives, family commitments and businesses to run, so they attend intermittently. Thus there were only three of us to organise and run this month's Area Meeting.

The Society of Friends has a complex structure of Meetings with Britain Yearly Meeting at the top. But all you need to know is that here in Mid Wales, each Local Meeting takes it in turn to host the Area Meeting once a month.

It works out that each Local Meeting only hosts one Area Meeting per year and it's only every two years that we have to organise a full day event. But last Saturday it was our turn to host the representatives from the other Local Meetings in Mid Wales. The morning is taken up with business (reports from various meetings, membership matters and such like) and in the afternoon, there is a talk or other Quakerly activity.

The first year we hosted a full day meeting, we organised an invited speaker. Last year was just a half day, so business only, but this year we needed to provide something in the afternoon and I volunteered to run a discussion on "Simplicity".

More details of what we did at the meeting, possibly boring...Collapse )

Despite having been an attender and then a member for many years, I still don't feel like a "proper" Quaker most of the time because I arrived by a very indirect route, moving from lapsed Methodist via Buddhism to Quakerism. So the successful discussion was a big confidence booster and it was nice to do something teacherly again. It's lovely being retired, but teaching adults did feel like a vocation and I do miss it at times.

Of course we over-catered. People bring their own lunch, but a tea is provided before people head off home. Having no idea how many will turn up, it's impossible to be precise with quantities. But the vegan sandwiches I made were well received and I will definitely make the peanut butter, grated carrot, raisin and cinnamon ones again.

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19/52 for the Flickr group 2019 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: S is for Spotty

I do like using fountain pens whenever possible as I love the way they write. When the last bottle of ink ran out, I treated myself to some more expensive ink and the bottle comes in this nice black and gold spotty box.

It's rather a desperation shot but I hadn't found anything spotty all week, partly due to cold rainy weather keeping me indoors. The pen was £3 with free postage from China. It's rather heavy, so I don't put the cap on the end of the barrel when writing like I normally do, but it writes well and is just the thing for making To-Do lists.

Pen & ink

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