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May 24th, 2019 - Helen's journal and online home
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
So today was my birthday and a very nice day it was. First our son phoned from Turkey, where he's currently on holiday with his family, so that my grandson and littlest granddaughter could sing Happy Birthday to me. Then at 10 a.m. we set off to meet our daughter at the Bwlch Nant yr Arian visitor centre in Mid Wales. She had texted yesterday to see if we were free and though my first instinct is always to decline an unexpected invite with some excuse, I thought, what happened to spontaneity? So I said "yes" and we had a lovely day out.

Though we spent some time in that area recently, we visited the nearby lead mines not the visitor centre in the forest, so it was new to us. Though the weather was slightly weird, being both warm and strangely misty, we had a very nice walk around some of the forest tracks, as far as a lake, (about 4 miles) and then had lunch in the cafe before driving back. My present of a miniature rose bush, wine and chocolates was delivered shortly afterwards. We're just having our usual Friday night pizzas tonight, but I'll cook a roast dinner tomorrow to extend my birthday celebration.

Bwlch Nant yr Arian
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