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Helen's journal and online home
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
Over on Twitter, someone I follow posted a link to this video.

He said, "I’m stuck just on the beginning bit with the coins. You managed to balance them without rolling how?"

Well, I couldn't resist the challenge. It turned out to be far easier than I expected. You just need a level desk and a steady hand. Not that I'd have the time or patience to set up that many coins, not to mention the dominoes!

Balanced coins

Current Mood: pleased smug

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I didn't get round to taking a photo for the theme this week, so this is an off-topic shot.

The yarn was not something I would have bought, but I found it while we were clearing my cousin's home after she died and I thought I'd use it up.

It was horrible to knit, but it's very soft and pretty when finished.

Multicoloured scarf (detail)

There was still half a ball of this colourway left, so I'm making a hammock for the small soft toys that currently live on the top of the bookcase. Unexpectedly, it turns out that it crochets more easily than it knitted.

There is also another ball in a different colour combination and, thanks to a tip from a friend from the Usenet writers' group who I still follow on Facebook, I'll try crocheting it along with a friendlier yarn to make a triangular scarf.
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