August 7th, 2019

Bison in Wales

Wart begone!

I am currently relaxing by mindlessly reading the internet after having spent the day driving to Wrexham to have an annoying wart removed by a dermatologist. My GP had already tried the freezing technique, but that didn't get rid of it, hence the minor surgical procedure.

We accidentally set off an hour early. I'd worked out (and written down on my route notes) that we should set off at 10.50 am. But when G started asking "was I ready yet?" instead of checking the time and saying, "We don't need to leave for another hour," I said, "Nearly!" and so we left rather earlier than planned.

As it happened, it meant that I could eat my sandwiches peacefully in the car park and have a short walk to explore the path and cycle way that follows the line of the old railway. I was over half an hour early, but it was better than having to hurry and arriving absolutely on time. Though the journey went according to plan, I hadn't reckoned on only being able to find a parking space at the very furthest point of the very large car park and that Dept 20 was at the very furthest end of the hospital. My phone says I walked 2 miles!

(I've used my bison picture for this post because to get to Wrexham we drove past the Rhug Estate where they farm bison for meat.)