September 22nd, 2019

African flower crochet motif

Today will be wet

The promised rain has arrived, but so far is nothing like as heavy as I thought it would be. I therefore will walk up to Quaker meeting this morning, but I have a plan to shave a bit off the distance.

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In other news, I'm in the process of buying a new car. We've had this Daihatsu 4x4 for years. I can't remember exactly how long because it was actually bought as G's car at the time when he was still doing his PhD and needed something that could go off-road to visit all his rain gauges and flow meters up in the forest and in the mountains. I had a Vauxhall Astra for commuting to work. But after I was made redundant and started tutoring online from home and my Dad moved to a care home near my brother, we no longer needed two cars. Though they were both the same age, my Astra had done hugely more miles than the Daihatsu, so the Daihatsu was the one we kept.

It is now nearly 19 years old, we no longer need to be able to drive up forest tracks and it's not the right vehicle for our needs. I'm either doing short local trips to the supermarket or to visit a friend or we're going on a longer run to the furthest corners of Wales. So last week I finally bit the bullet and went to chat to our local garage about a replacement. The new(er) car is a Skoda Yeti about 4 years old. I'll be picking it up at the end of the month.