October 8th, 2019


The legacy of the slate mines

Following on from our visit to the Slate Museum at Llanberis, by coincidence the Say Something in Welsh people are arranging a meet-up in Bethesda. I'm probably not going to go because it's over an hour's drive and I am lucky enough to get plenty of opportunities to speak Welsh locally, but in preparation, the organiser of the meet-up posted these links to a song about the legacy of the slate mines.

Slate quarrying and mining might not have been quite as dangerous as coal mining, but it's not far behind. And those people who complain about "health and safety gone mad" and "too much red tape" might like to learn a bit of industrial history.

This is a version in English. The Penrhyn Quarry Hospital mentioned in the opening quotation from one of the doctors who worked there is open to visitors as part of the museum. The final lines of the song in Welsh translate as, "Dear granddad don't worry, I'll be fine. I'll wear a mask against the dust."

This is a longer version in Welsh.