October 15th, 2019

autumn fern

Not ready yet

After breakfast I popped down to the bottom of the garden to see if the apples on the overhanging branch were ready. They are not, despite our neighbours gathering apples from the main part of the tree yesterday. It could be that the overhanging branch faces east and thus won't get as much sun as the main crop.

Sadly the apples look disappointing, very small and blemished, but I'll try again after we come back from London next week and there may be a few worth picking.

I made another video

Finally, after rather a long gap, I have uploaded another video to my YouTube channel. I was supposed to be aiming for one video a month, but the summer got rather disrupted with the trip to Dublin for Worldcon and days out and political stuff, but I have now edited the video that I shot in June.

It's a gentle walk around Bute Park in Cardiff. It's in Welsh, but, as before, I've added subtitles in English. Go to Settings (bottom right of the video) and select English and then you can switch them on and off with the subtitles/closed captions button.

I have the raw video clips for another video, which I hope to have up within a week or so.

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