November 2nd, 2019

African flower crochet motif

Language goals for November

November Language Hacking goals: Welsh is in maintenance mode, but I posted a new video for Halloween at the end of last month and I will continue to edit the Aberystwyth cliff railway video and hopefully shoot a couple more so I'll have something to work on through the darkest and most miserable winter months when filming will be difficult. I will continue attending the class, going to the cafe chats and doing the Skype calls and this month I'm going to attempt to write some fiction in Welsh.

Spanish: I think this is slowly progressing at last. I've devised a pattern for repeating the Say Something in Spanish challenges that seems to be working and means I do each challenge 3 times before I consider it done. So for this month I will carry on with the SSiS challenges and aim to do 4 per week (including repetitions).
photography camera

Yellow leaf

2/30 for my photo-a-day in November challenge

I don't know what this leaf is from, but the bright yellow caught my eye. Autumn is definitely here now and the trees are turning brown and gold and shedding their leaves.

Yellow leaf