November 7th, 2019

Raindrops on window

Quick update & daily photo

The forecast said there might be sun breaking through the cloud this afternoon, but though the rain has stopped, the sky remains completely grey. Tomorrow is supposed to be better, but I've given up and just taken today's photo from my study window. Even though it's only 2.15 p.m. the light is beginning to fade so it won't get any better than it is now.

I've been watching some interesting videos on YouTube by a landscape photographer who has been wandering around in some very unpromising weather and managing to get some beautiful shots. Of course he's a professional and can therefore justify spending all day out on the hills, but even though I'm retired, I can't really do that. But I was interested to see that he was using a long lens to take photos of landscape. I've never thought to do that, so I will be experimenting during the rest of the month.

This is not perfectly sharp. I always forget that it's virtually impossible to handhold the long lens unless the light is very bright. But I only committed to taking a photo every day. I didn't promise they'd all be good! :)

Autumn tree

Welsh speaking practice

The first Wednesday of the month provides me with maximum Welsh speaking opportunities.

Wednesday morning is the informal chat in a local cafe. It can get a bit depressing as everyone discusses ailments, operations and who's died recently. I tried to lighten the mood by mentioning my Halloween lantern video, but we soon returned to the latest funeral. This is the problem with getting old.

Last night was the Welsh women's group and though I chickened out last month, I made the effort to go this month. It was quite interesting as the speaker was talking about making clothes and up-cycling items bought in charity shops. She'd brought along some examples of things she'd made. Merched y Wawr is always a challenge because of course it's a meeting for first language Welsh speakers so whoever is doing a talk doesn't slow down for learners, but I can now cope OK as long as the speaker speaks clearly, which the woman giving yesterday's talk did.

Then this morning it was the 45 minute Skype chat with the young person in Australia. We're getting better at finding things to talk about now and we're both writing stories for NaNoWriMo. Well, mine is a story I'm writing at the same time. I'm not even attempting NaNo levels of word count.

The weather is supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so I'm hoping to get in a walk and a better photo.