November 12th, 2019

African flower crochet motif

The gas men came

Update on the gas engineer. The boiler had been declared dead and is so old now that parts are no longer available.

The gas fire also needs repairs and can't be used until the engineer comes back on Thursday, but that can be repaired. We therefore had a long session with a different person from the gas company yesterday and have now arranged a new boiler, installation date yet to be arranged.

The old boiler was almost 30 years old and nothing lasts forever, so investing in a new one will make the house much cosier. Fortunately we have enough savings that the money will not be a problem, but of course it will be a pretty big job and a lot of disruption, which neither of us like but it can't be helped.

So today I am doing nothing much. Just relaxing and calming down after all the intensive activity over the weekend and yesterday.
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Evening tree and watching YouTube

12/30 for my photo-a-day in November challenge

I nearly forgot to take my daily photo! After a stressful weekend dealing with problems with the gas appliances (basically just knackered due to old age), today I just sat in my study, did a couple of important things online and then just read social media and watched videos on YouTube. At the last minute, I took this photo out of my study window and had a little play with it in PhotoShop Elements.

Evening tree

I've started following Thomas Heaton on YouTube and I've been really enjoying his videos about photographing landscapes. Very inspiring. It makes me want to get out into the great outdoors with my camera. Unfortunately the gas appliance disasters and torrential rain have made that impossible over the weekend and today. I'll see how things go towards the end of the week.

This was just a quick shot with my phone, taken before I decided to have a go at the tree in the evening gloom.

Watching YouTube