December 8th, 2019

African flower crochet motif

A much quieter day

It was Quaker meeting this morning. There was slight concern as the village hall was locked when we arrived, but S knew where the caretaker lived so she popped up to get the key. We therefore were only 5 minutes late starting. There were just 4 of us today. I may post some thoughts sometime about my concerns about how the meeting has shrunk and how and why we're failing to attract new members, but I'm too tired to do that today. But it is a worry.

After the morning's meeting, I have basically spent most of the afternoon watching YouTube videos on how to create YouTube videos and how to get more people to watch my channel. I have made notes so I can re-read to remind myself of the key points. My channel is never going to be more than the nichest of niche channels because there just aren't that many Welsh learners (my target audience), but I'm finding it an interesting challenge and it gives me a creative project that will help motivate me to keep improving my Welsh.

Next week will be a normal week, I hope, because I need to make progress with all the things that got put on hold while we had a weekend away and a new central heating boiler. Normal is good.