February 7th, 2020

African flower crochet motif

A quiet day

I contemplated walking up to my elderly friend's house this morning, but I'm working on transferring all my stuff from the desktop which has (I suspect) a slowly failing hard drive to the laptop that G has passed on to me. I foresee a new computer in my life sometime this year, but we have spent a lot of money recently and we do want to do the new kitchen, so if I can keep the old computer going for a bit longer by splitting the workload between the desktop and the laptop, it would be good. Anyway, I faffed around finding out how to export my Firefox bookmarks so I can import them onto the browser on the laptop and left it too late to walk.

I therefore drove up, remembering to go around the bypass to avoid the road works that are happening in the centre of town. I called into the Eurospar first to buy loose tea which the Co-op has stopped selling. While I was there I bought some different cheeses. I'm venturing to try blue Stilton again after avoiding it for years due to it once triggering a weird visual migraine. I'd eaten it many times before that without anything strange happening, but I remember I was very hungry and ate a lot of it on an empty stomach. I will therefore cautiously try it again. I also bought some soft white Welsh cheese, which I tried for lunch and it was very nice indeed.