March 21st, 2020

African flower crochet motif

Establishing a new routine

Thanks a lot, Facebook! I know you mean well, but for the past few days you've been showing me "memories" of the lovely week we spent in Aberystwyth two years. Unseasonable warmth and sunshine, driving around, going for walks on the coasts paths and in the woods... You really are rubbing it in that life is very much Not Normal at the moment.

So... Not normal. This means that all the activities which I do to stop me vegetating at home and becoming an anti-social hermit are on hold and though I'm fairly happy to be an anti-social hermit, it's not actually good for me. I am an introvert, but if I get no social contact other than G, I can become depressed.

I had organised my life so that I had to go out 3 or 4 times a week, even if I didn't really feel like it, but I hadn't committed to so much that I felt overwhelmed and also hadn't signed up to anything that was vital. I could miss sessions if I really didn't feel up to it or we were going away somewhere. And now the future stretches out like an endless summer holiday...

Decluttering and spring cleaning the house would be a good project and of course I have my language learning which can be done online. Over the weekend I want to see if I can arrange for virtual Welsh chats for the group that normally meet in the local cafe on Wednesdays and some sort of online meeting for our Quaker group.

We are going to be in for a long haul. Any talk of things going back to normal in 12 weeks is wildly over-optimistic. I think enough people may have had Covid-19 and recovered that schools and universities may be able to re-start a bit late, say October/November with provision for learning from home for those who are still vulnerable. I do think far more people have had Covid-19 already than the figures show. Since our daughter had it and recovered and is now going out walking the dog again, she's been chatting to quite a few people in Cardiff who have had symptoms that fit, but who just thought it was flu and nursed themselves well again.

But at least we have the internet, so there are many ways of keeping in touch and keeping ourselves entertained and educated.