March 27th, 2020

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Today's useful thing

I'm trying to achieve one useful thing per day. More than one is good, but as long as I can point to one thing and say, "That was a good thing to do," I'll be happy.

So, Wednesday it was actually two things (the Welsh hangout and the grass cutting), yesterday was the food shopping and today was chatting with my 97-year-old friend by phone.

Friday is the day I normally walk or drive up to see M, but of course being 97 she's self-isolating and seeing no one other than the carer who comes once a week to clean and cook and help with whatever M needs help with. M and I normally do a couple of puzzles in the i newspaper, but we've discovered we can do them by phone. I've started subscribing to the app version so I get the crossword every day without having to go out and physically by a paper.

We did a bit better this week because M organised herself a chair by the phone and I found a way of noting down the Zygolex answers so I could keep track of it. (The Independent app has the code word, sudokus and crossword, but not the Zygolex.)

Once the puzzles were done, we had a little chat about the state of the world. We'll keep doing this until it's safe to go back to normal, however long that takes.