March 29th, 2020

View from study (sunny)

Re-thinking plans

All the YouTube channels I subscribe to are posting videos explaining how they're going to change to cope with the necessity to remain at home apart from occasional forays outside to buy food or for the permitted exercise session. It's a bit of a problem for the landscape photographers and also for me! The whole theme of the channel is supposed to be about travelling around Wales, looking at interesting places and doing it all in Welsh.

Fortunately, because of the endless rain, I had planned an indoor video about using word games to practise your Welsh. Today I managed to film some clips for that and I'll try and do the straight to camera bits of the narration over the next couple of days. But that's just one video.

However, I have had an idea for a series of videos that don't require leaving the house, so I can start working on the scripts for those. More about these when I actually start filming.

Otherwise we are still fine. Our son has introduced me to video chats using Duo on the phone, which works really well. It can also do group calls, so we might be able to do small family gatherings that way. It's a bit less formal than a hangout and as it's on the phone, you can wander around while doing it.

Note to self: If we're going to do this, remember to comb your hair when you get up! :-)