April 3rd, 2020

African flower crochet motif

Random update

I'm not used to shopping for a whole week at a time so we keep nearly running out of milk. Yesterday none of the milk in the Co-op had a long enough life to last until my next weekly shop. I bought an extra bottle of semi-skimmed this time and put it in the freezer, so I hope that will work to see us through.

I did the phone chat and crossword with my elderly friend M again this morning. We make a good team. M knew the word "etui" for a needle case. I'd never heard of it before, despite having had a mother who sewed a lot.

etui a small ornamental case for holding needles, cosmetics, and other articles.
"exquisite etui cases fitted with scissors, bodkin, and thimble"

I, however, provide the answer to clues like, "A Mexican snack." Answer: tacos, something M had never heard of. Or the other week the answer to a clue was "jpeg".