April 7th, 2020

View from study (sunny)

Some gardening has been done

It was only about 20 minutes of pulling up brambles, but I did get out into the back garden and did a bit of work. G refuses to do anything in the garden, so it's left to me and I do enjoy it when I get out there, but I feel intimidated by knowledgeable next door neighbour. Also, what usually happens, is that we start having long days out around this time of year, or even going away for a week, and then the garden gets away from me and all I can do it keep the grass reasonably tidy. But this year we can't go anywhere, so it will be a perfect opportunity to actually do more -- except I can't visit any garden centres to buy stuff.

Anyway, I also did a little more work on the latest video and made progress with testing G's computing book, so all in all, a productive day.


This photo is for the video I'm currently working on in which I talk about the two games, Scrabble (in Welsh) and Rory's Story Cubes.

Welsh Scrabble & Rory's story cubes