July 30th, 2020

View from study (sunny)

The Shopping News

Today I only went to the Co-op because I had enough eggs and Fruit & Fibre to last another week. As it happened, the Co-op had Fruit & Fibre, so I bought another packet. Otherwise I managed to get everything on my shopping list. The Co-op was fairly quiet. Yet again I was about the only person in a mask. However, with the influx of tourists, it's probably riskier now in my quiet corner of the country than at any time since coronavirus reached the UK.

At the checkout, the cashier gave me a money off voucher with the receipt. They are starting the special offers again. I asked about the app and she said that was operating again too. So it looks as though shopping is now completely back to normal, though of course there is still the one-way system around the shop. My shopping became more efficient since I adjusted my shopping list so the way items are grouped on the list better fits the route I have to take around the shop.

I have made some more masks out of the cute fabric with little hearts and also some from the blue fabric with bees, which I had left over from making a skirt a couple of years ago. I also made some darker and plainer ones for G in case he ever needs to wear one.

More face masks

I wore the bee mask this morning while doing the weekly shop.

Selfie in face mask