January 6th, 2021

African flower crochet motif

Scanning old slides

One goal I have for 2021 is to get all my old 35mm slides scanned. I tried some years ago, but the quality wasn't good. This different scanner produces better results and it's a lot quicker and easier to do. I won't be processing all the slides because that would be a huge job. I'll scan everything but just process the best and/or most interesting photos.

Here are a few to start with. A splendid Shire horse in show condition. You could take an almost identical photo at any reasonably sized show, but I'd be surprised if that big chimney is still there.

Shire horse

My favourite entry in the fancy dress competition, the Hush Puppy Hunt.

Hush Puppy Hunt

And here's the real hunt. Holcombe Hunt in full cry. If you look carefully you can see a terrier in the midst of the hounds. He valiantly kept up with the much bigger dogs by cunningly cutting all the corners!

Holcombe Hunt

Hunting with dogs is, of course, now illegal in the UK, though hunts still meet and follow an artificial scent trail. I've googled both the Bury Show and the Holcombe Hunt and both still exist.